We’re here to guide you through the whole proces of crowdfunding

We take away the hassle

We do. Finding the right type of crowdfunding, the right platform and summarizing that all into the right tone of voice, takes time. And let’s be honest. One less thing to worry about, might sound like a dream come true

We have the knowledge

With a lot of experience in the (crowd)funding world ourselves, we know what makes a crowdfunding campaign successful. Preparation is key. Together we go step, by step, towards the launch of the campaign. Your goal is ours

We’re your most affordable option

We save you time. While we’re working on your campaign, you can focus on the thing you love to do the most. Doing business. In the meanwhile, we’re focussed on getting you the capital you need. We ask for a retainer upfront and a fee (only when the campaign was successful). We’re doing this together

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We offer the total package

We guide you through the whole process of crowdfunding. We created an unique methodology around the 5 Crowdfunding principles which are essential to follow, in order to set-up a crowdfunding campaign. Together we create a way to go from passion to profit.

  • We dig into the world of crowdfunding, to find which type of crowdfunding suits your company best
  • There are 2000+ crowdfunding platforms. Let's link you to the right one
  • We take away all the hassle. We do all the research, we write the content, shoot the campaign video, take the campaign pictures and design the whole campaign. Always together.
  • Your marketing plan is just as important as the whole campaign. Let's start with your content strategy, use all the channels you have, to get more traction on your campaign website

We focus on your

Business plan
Marketing plan
Campaign description

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Our team

What our clients say

It was a joy to work with Claudia & Teddy during Capital Tour XXL 2017 in Amsterdam. They brought in a lot of experience about crowdfunding and helped us during the event with guiding the startups and collect valuable data about their experiences!

Simone Schoutens Owner of Capital Tour XXL

Fundology translates our projects into a professional crowdfunding campaign. They always give clear advice on all of our projects. They are transparent in their work that’s why we choose to work with Fundology from day one.

Pascal Arts Founder of Start-up Desk

About us

While Claudia was working at an equity crowdfunding company for over a year, she realized that there are so many companies who want to do crowdfunding, but don’t know where to start. This wastes a great deal of time in an already long proces. Crowdfunding could be the solution to follow your passion, without bumping into the struggle of not having enough capital. 

She shared the idea of crowdfunding support with Teddy and there it was, a strategic partnership, floating around the blue ocean.
With a team of free-lancers, we created a methodology with increases the chances of having a successful campaign. We digitalized our idea, after being part of the accelerator program of ‘De Kamer van Koophandel: BETA Challenge. And we won the Audience prize. Stoked, with a fresh look into the digital world of funding, we’re ready to make a change.

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